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Enriching Young Lives
In Partnership with Dubai Cares

The First Group’s pioneering CSR programme, Enriching Young Lives, aims to improve the lives of underprivileged children and young people around the world, providing them with access to opportunities in life they may otherwise be denied.

In working to achieve its goals, The First Group partners with some of the world’s most respected charities, providing them with meaningful financial and logistical support.

For the 7 Emirates Cycle Challenge this year, The First Group has teamed up with Dubai Cares, a UAE-based global philanthropic organization, and Rashid Center for People of Determination, whose both educational programmes reflect the overarching goals of Enriching Young Lives.

Funds raised as part of the Challenge will go towards supporting Dubai Cares’ Early Childhood Development programmes globally, providing children and young people with access to quality education and learning opportunities that will offer them the greatest chance in life.

Dubai Cares’ Early Childhood Development programmes include country-based interventions that support children’s learning, school readiness, and physical, cognitive, social and emotional development through collaborative, multi-sectoral approaches.

Moreover, part of the funds raised will be directed by Dubai Cares towards Rashid Center for People of Determination, which helps children with additional learning needs get specialised educational support, enabling them to thrive.

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